Private Luxury Vehicle & Guide

Type of  Vehicle

Guest Seats

Half Day

Full Day

Luxury Sedan




Luxury Vito 


$ 250.- 


Mercedes Minibus  VIP


$ 280.- 


Mercedes Sprinter 





You may choose any of our tours and choose your  professional licensed guide that will help you to customize your private program which gives you complete freedom to explore the area. 

  • Tours are always with a Guide
  • Visits, photo-stops and breaks at your wish,
  • Your guide may  recommend the best restaurants according  to your choice,
  • Your  museum tickets can be provided earlier in order  to avoid waiting in long queues in front of museums, 
  • Above “net” rates include professional guidance & vehicle,
  • Entrance fees, parkings,etc are not included,
  • Rates are for usage within city limits including 150 kms. 

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